EWDM Technology


WDM for Audio / E-WDM(Enhanced Audio Driver) Comparative Table

          WDM for Audio    E-WDM

(Enhanced Audio Driver)

1     MME bit depth    Up to 16 bit    We've tested EWDM driver with MME supporting softwares. In this test, we found that 24bit data reproduction is possible in Windows ME and 98SE + QFE patch system with EWDM driver. However, 24bit data reproduction through other hardware is not possible in Windows XP, 2000, Service Pack 2 System...[more...]

2     Total channel availability    12 In / 10 Out    Unlimited I/O

3     Independent MME support    No    YES

4     GIGA X ready    No    YES

5     ASIO 2.0    Rarely    YES

6     SONAR with 1.5ms    No    YES

7     98SE/ME/2000/XP    Yes    YES

8     Multi Client    No    YES

9     Multi Streaming    Yes    YES

10     GIGAWIRE Enabled    No    YES

11     Multiple MIDI ports    No    YES

12     Multiple Direct Sound    No    YES

13     -6dB Problem fixed    No    YES

24-bit mastering capability with most popular stereo editing software applications including Wavelab(In 2000 and XP, 24bit recording is possible but playback is not.)

While the WDM driver is limited by its 12-in/10-out technology, the E-WDM offers unlimited I/O capability.

Full independent MME support for Vegas, Cakewalk 9, and Samplitude users.

More stability and an impressively low 1.5ms latency for SONAR and NUENDO users.

Low 3.0ms latency for CUBASE users.

Cakewalk sonar enters a new era with their professional recording/sequencing monster, Sonar. We are the first time manufacturer to offer ultra low latency with Sonar. Your software becomes like a hardware with latency only at 1.5ms.

E-WDM supports all features for Windows 98SE, 2000, ME and XP.

Output from an unlimited number of your favorite audio software applications simultaneously via the multi-client function.

Dolby 5.1 support. The E-WDM works with WinDVD and Power DVD to deliver amazing 5.1 DVD quality without need for an external Dolby Digital (AC3) surround decoder. E-WDM is already designed to support the new DTS ES 6.1 and 7.1 surround standards.

Use VST effects on GigaStudio samples through GigaWire, the unique new ESI technology that streams GigaStudio directly into audio applications via the ASIO driver input (similar to Rewire).

Our WDM-based multiple MIDI driver was not only the first, but still offers more stable MIDI timing than NT4 & Win9X-based MIDI timing.

E-WDM offers simultaneous use of multiple direct sounds.

No more indicating -6dB on the parameter using E-WDM.

(for all WDM based Windows OS; 98SE, ME, 2000, XP)