Caution: GIGAStation Installation Procedure


The GIGAStation Hard Disk Sampler Tool Kit includes GigaStudio LE.

Please carefully read the following instructions.

If you don¡¯t follow these instructions, GigaStudio LE will not recognize GIGAStation properly.

If your GIGAStation card is recognized by other software (ex. ASIO2.0 in Cubase or Windows Media Player), but it is not recognized by GigaStudio LE only, please check below.

< 2 driver types for GigaStudio >

GigaStudio works with 2 driver types.

One is ¡®vxd,¡¯ used since the early GigaSampler years, and the other is the EWDM driver.

Using GigaStudio and GIGAStation together is only possible with the WDM driver.

As a result, NEMESYS developed GigaStudio v.2.2.

Our GigaStudio LE included in the GIGAStation Sampler Toolkit is also this 2.2 version for WDM-based drivers.

<Solution for the software installation problem>

When installing the new GigaStudio 2.2/LE software, it installs a virtual hardware driver called ¡®NemeSys DSP/Mixing NStation¡¯ which supports the WDM driver.

The problem is that when you attempt to install ¡®NemeSys DSP/Mixing NStation,¡¯

the computer will ask you to reboot at the same time as you perform the installation procedure.

If you press ¡®yes,¡¯ the computer will simply reboot without installing ¡®NemeSys DSP/Mixing NStation.¡¯

In this case, GigaStudio 2.2/LE will not recognize GIGAStation.

The solution:

After the message for installing ¡®NemeSys DSP/Mixing NStation¡¯ occurs (even though the Windows Restart message appears), please wait 5~10 seconds and confirm the new hardware is installed and then reboot the computer.

<In the case GigaStudio LE is already installed in your computer>

You have to reinstall GigaStudio LE using the following instructions:

1.       Insert the GigaStudio CD into your CD-Rom drive.

2.       Click ¡®setup.exe.¡¯

3.       GigaStudio will ask the following:

4.       Click ¡®Clean¡¯ and reinstall.

5.       You must check that ¡®NemeSys DSP/Mixing NStation¡¯ is properly installed and then restart your computer.