- Setting up GigaSampler

You have to divide outputs of WT2496 and of WR24 into two groups unless you are using the system for Gigasampler-only. When assigning outputs, it is recommended to reserve first group for the other program and to assign the second group to Gigasampler. If you assign outputs the other way around, there could be some conflicts since the sequencer tries to occupy the same output group of the Gigasampler. Gigasampler should be launched first, which occupies the first group, then the sequencer is launched to try to use the same output that the Gigasampler already using

- Basic set up for Gigasampler

1. Move you mouse onto the control panel of WT 2496 and WR 24, then right-click on the panel. You will see the pop up menu like following picture. Select “Gigasampler” then select “Enable.”

2. Load GigaSampler.

On the GigaSampler screnn, press  ‘Config’ button, then set  ‘Outputs’ as followings .

- Waveterminal 2496

Select ‘Wave Terminal 2496 - GigaSampler IF’ for ‘Wave Out Driver’

Select ‘Outputs Enabled’ as  ‘3,4’  NOT as ‘1,2’ If you can NOT remove the check mark on 1,2, go to ‘Midi Channels mapped …’ underneath the menu and remove 1,2.

- WaMiRack 24

Select ‘WaMiRack 24-GigaSampler IF’ for ‘Wave Out Driver.’

Select ‘Outputs Enabled’ as ‘5,6’ and 7,8’ NOT  ‘1,2’and ‘3,4.’ You can select 5,6 and 7,8 together. If  you can not remove check mark on 1,2 3,4, go to ‘Midi Channels mapped …’ to remove 1,2 3,4. WR24 will assign outputs 1,2,3,4 and  5,6,7,8 as one OUTPUT group each. For example if you select just 5,6, GSIF will occupies 5,6,7,8 together.

3. Select the sequencing program which you desire to use with GigaSampler. To use the sequencing program, please, run the GigaSampler first, then launch the sequencer using ‘Seq’ button on the Gigasampler panel.

Press GigaSampler’s ‘Config’ button and in ‘Preferences’ menu, select the path for your ‘Sequencer.’ (for example, Cakewalk in the following picture)

4. Press ‘Seq’ button on the  GigaSampler panel to launch the sequencer.