GIGA Station

Hard Disk Sampler Tool Kit

Perfect combination for a Hard Disk Sampler

Nowadays, musicians do not have to use rack-mountable samplers thanks to fast computer systems. GIGAStation is the new alternative to the sampler. By using a hard disk as sampler memory, musicians can enjoy creativity on a much larger scale than ever imagined.

Technical Specifications

- 8 channel output - 4 stereo 1/4"

analog outs and stereo SPDIF

coaxial digital output

- Supports 16-bit resolution and up to

48 kHz sample rate (32, 44.1, 48kHz)

- 20-bit D/A converters

- Supports GSIF and ASIO drivers

- SPDIF coaxial digital output

- On-board 2-pin digital output

 GIGA Station - hard disk sampler hardware

GIGAStation provides 8 channel analog outputs for the most popular hard-disk sampler, GigaStudio. GIGAStation is the audio card specifically designed for use with GigaStudio. It includes all the features you need to build a hard-disk sampling system from scratch.

 GSIF and ASIO Support

GIGAStation supports GigaStudio's own GSIF driver and ASIO driver that can be used with your favorite sequencer. GSIF driver support enables you to enjoy all the functions of GigaStudio at its maximum potential. ASIO driver support is crucial for using a professional sequencer such as Cubase VST.

 8 Channel Analog outputs and stereo SPDIF output

GIGAStation provides 8 channel outputs through 4 stereo 1/4" output ports. Coupled with GigaStudio LE, you have an 8 channel hard-disk sampler system. GigaStudio has a stereo coaxial digital output that allows you to connect to digital devices. It also has an on-board 2-pin connector for digital output and an analog CD-Rom input.

GIGAStation Tool kit includes:

1. GigaStudio LE

The most popular hard-disk sampler software from Nemesys that uses a hard disk as sampler memory. This Special Edition has 8 audio channels with 64 voices.

2. GigaPiano

" Over a gigabyte of rich, stereo samples resulting in the most realistic sampled grand piano available anywhere."- Nemesys

3. GM500

"128 baseline GM instruments, plus a drum kit. Pianos, Fender Rhodes, string ensembles, basses, French horn, pads, and ethnic instruments" - Nemesys

4. GS2120 MIDI Interface "2 In 2 Out MIDI Interface

5. Power DVD